Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Blog Tour: Rebecca Donovan - A Day in the Life

Hi guys! :) Today we have Rebecca Donovan here (author of Reason to Breathe, I can't wait to read it!) explaining what she does on a daily basis.

There isn't anything typical about my days. Sure, there are many days that run together, following the same routine of getting out of bed, showering, eating breakfast while checking my social media sites and email, going for a walk, picking my son up from school, checking the social media sites and email again, working on  business obligations, reading and going to bed. Nothing thrilling or exciting about those days. But the days that I write, the days that I'm engrossed in the story and nothing else around me matters — those days, I may not even get out of my pajamas until four o'clock in the afternoon. I may neglect to eat, my creativity fueled by the caffeine of Mt. Dew. The hours slip by as the voices in my head fill the laptop screen in front of me. And when I look up, I'm sitting in the dark. Those days — the days when I live within a dream that gets translated into words, words that make me exhausted with every fathomable emotion— those days are my favorite. That's when I know I'm doing exactly what I'm meant to do. Days when I live in a blurry haze of reality are the days that I know I'm an author, and I wouldn't give up the rush of creating for anything.

Thank you Rebecca! I really enjoyed reading your piece :)

If you want to get in touch with Rebecca you can so at: Twitter, Website or Facebook.

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