Friday, 2 September 2011

Author Guest Post: Charlotte Blackwell

Hello everyone! :) Today I have Charlotte Blackwell with me, who is doing a guest post on 'Why YA?' :)

Hello to everyone at “Steph Likes Books”. My name is Charlotte Blackwell and I’m the author of the newly released Embrace Series a paranormal romance for young adults. Book one Immortal Embrace and book two Forbidden Embrace, are both available. Book three Mystic Embrace will follow this coming November.

One question I’m always asked is why young adult(YA)? Well the answer is easy, I have a young adult. My eldest daughter Jorden will be thirteen this coming November. I’m very lucky in the fact that we have a very close and open relationship. Jorden and I talk about anything and everything. Unfortunately not every parent is as lucky as I am; this is why I enjoy to write YA. Oh and what woman doesn’t want to be 17 again.

As a teenager I, like many teens had my share of insecurities and felt pressured from others. I was never comfortable to talk with my mom about these issues and too embarrassed to talk to my friends. So I internalized them, which caused me to feel very alone. I don’t want the young adults of today to feel alone as there’s so many more demands today. By writing my stories in first person, I get the opportunity to face some of the feelings that I had, also that my daughter and her friends now have. I hope that my books can show the readers that they are not alone and we all face the various struggles. Whether young adults talk to a friend, sibling or adult, we have to trust someone and by doing so, good things may come.

The Embrace series subtly addresses issues such as insecurity, trust, friendship, family and love. But young adults today have to deal with so much more like sex, pregnancy, sexual identity, drinking, drugs and death. The characters of the Embrace series also deal with many of these issues. My greatest hope is that readers young and old can gain a sense on security and comfort from my books.

Now of course it’s not all about the serious issues, the Embrace series is fun and exciting. The group of friends go on many different adventures trying to protect the innocent people of their town from various supernatural entities. Not only do the help the town, they also help themselves by learning so much more than they could have ever expected.

Thanks so much for having me here today, the Embrace Experience has already proven to be a blast with all the great blogs and people I’m meeting.


Check out her first book HERE!

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Here is a little look at the Book Trailer for Immortal Embrace:

I will be doing a review of this book a little bit later! :) I can tell you it's amazing!

Hope you enjoyed reading this :)

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